The ProClear Impact protein skimmer ensures your saltwater aquarium ecosystem is protected from harmful bacteria, nitrate and phosphate feeding algae, and any other organic waste that may be present in the water. The method used for air injection is incredibly efficient and provides high water flow rates making this an ideal protein skimmer for heavily stocked saltwater aquariums and reef tanks. The ProClear Impact skimmer is also very low maintenance, featuring a self-cleaning input valve that requires no adjusting.

Different Models of Skimmers

There are four different sizes of ProClear Impact protein skimmers available. It is advisable to buy the appropriate one depending on the size of your saltwater aquarium. Here are the different models:

ProClear Impact 200: For use with up to 200 gallon aquariums; 400 GPH water flow.

ProClear Impact 400: For use with up to 400 gallon aquariums; 800 GPH water flow.

ProClear Impact 600: For use with up to 600 gallon aquariums; 1200 GPH water flow.

ProClear Impact 1000: For use with up to 1000 gallon aquariums; 2000 GPH water flow.

What’s in the Box?

ProClear CA-2200 Protein Simmer PumpWhen you open the box for the ProClear Impact protein skimmer, you will notice that the skimmer is already assembled and ready to go. You just need to remove the shipping plastic and you are ready to go. However, the Impact skimmer does not include the pump, which is necessary for operation. The recommended pump for the ProClear Impact protein skimmer is the Catalina Aquarium 2200 (CA 2200), which will output up to 850 GPH. I personally found that the CA 2200 pump did the job perfectly for my 150 gallon saltwater aquarium.

Overall Review of the ProClear Impact Protein Skimmer

After assembling the aquarium, protein skimmer, and pump together, I plugged in the pump and the protein skimmer began taking in water. The main chamber of the skimmer quickly filled with bubbles, so I had to make a few adjustments to the air valve to find the appropriate mixture. Basically, the goal is to make the proteins in the water foam up using the air bubbles so that they will float to the surface. Once the proteins are foamy and floating, they will spill over the top of the main reaction chamber and into the collection cup. Once you have all the correct settings, the ProClear Impact protein skimmer does a fantastic job.

ProClear Protein SkimmerOverall, I thought the air intake valve was incredibly effective in precisely controlling the level of water in the main chamber, which subsequently makes adjusting the height of the foam rising within the reaction chamber quite simple as well. After the first few hours of running, the protein foam was thick and dense enough to begin spilling over into the collection cup. I was very impressed at efficiency and speed with which the proteins were being removed and the results were very evident judging by the thick green sludge that was accumulating in the collection cup. Ultimately, this is the most efficient and effective protein skimmer for saltwater aquariums that I have ever seen.

Where to Buy the Skimmer

You can buy a ProClear Impact protein skimmer from several online stores including Amazon. Most local and chain pet stores will carry ProClear brand protein skimmers, providing that they have a saltwater fish and aquarium section in their store. Good examples of saltwater aquarium stores are Petsmart and Petco, which carry a vast array of ProClear skimmers and all the required accessories. Typically, you can expect to pay $220 to $250 for the ProClear Impact protein skimmer depending on where you make your purchase. Though a little pricey compared to other protein skimmers, I believe the results will speak for themselves. For more information about the ProClear Impact protein skimmer, please visit the Pro Clear website.

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