Attraction to this geometrical shape feels like it’s in my blood, like a song you have heard for the first time, but it feels like you have listened to it your whole life.

The number Three for me, has always been sacred.

The beginning,Middle, and the end.

Mother,Father, and child.

Birth, Life, and death.

Kosmos : Beauty,Order, and the world itself


  • Intelligence
  • Matter
  • The two combined


Plato introduced in to his common  wealth: euclid The perpendicular side is imagined equal to three, the base to four, and the Hypotenuse, which is equal to the other two Containing sides, which is equal to five.

The perpendicular represents the masculine side, and nature. The base represents the feminine side, and the “Child” of  both.

As you can see here in this photo taken from Manly P Hall’s Secret Teachings of All Ages.


It’s here we can also read about :

Osiris- or the prime cause

Isis-or the receptive power

Orus- or Horus the common effect of the two.

Three is the first number there is composed of  both even and odd numbers together in one number, and Four is a square whose side is equal to the number Two, and Five generated out of  both, Two and Three.

Creating an equal relation to both of them, in a way you could say that they were common parents.

You will also find the right angled Scalene which is a right angled triangle with three different sides or one right angel and two acute sides, also known as the whole mystery of gentile nature.

Kircher writes: ” out of the simplest lines and figures the whole secret of corporeal nature emerges just as the trinity of the circle (Center, Radius, and circumference)  Shows the divine trinity’s creative works appear in the trinity of the equilateral triangle. The circle begets nothing of it self, as it is already complete, consisting as it does of an infinitude of sides. It is the greatest of All Polygons, and it is a solitary trinity. The triangle is the beginning of all generation, being the progenitor of all other polygons or bodies.”

The sides are 3,4, and 5 :    3 + 4 + 5 = 12

Which is the nature of the Dodecahedron which is any platonic solid with twelve faces or Pentagonal faces, with three meeting at each vortex.

  • Just as numbers are in numbers and lines are in lines so are all in all.

(Œ dipus Æ gyptiaus)

Kircher adds:  ” From the right angled scalene proceeds the Genesis of all mundane bodies and  of the whole universe “

Often called in masonry  ” The carpenters theorem”  It’s also thought that the Pyramids were designed around this theorem.

Alchemists thought the the 47th proposition was the proportions of  Salt, Sulfur,and mercury necessary to the formation of the Philosopher’s Stone.

Manly P Hall  writes: The proposition is  Also a correspondence between the three Grand Masters of the Masonic lodge of Jerusalem and the squares.

(See The Secret Teachings of All Ages -Also- Euclid’s “Elements”)

The Secret Teaching’s are drenched with Pythagoras, actually  i don’t know what the book would do with out him!

A genius out line of  Pythagorean Philosophy,that being said it’s also known that much of  Pythagoras’s work was Orally passed on, and quite a few things were found and “thought” to be Pythagoras’s .

When i read and hear things like that, it makes me wonder about all the knowledge, and discoveries that never made it to us in are life time.  Also keep in mind that secret schools are called “Secret Schools” For a reason, mainly keeping the most powerful knowledge away from the evil Spirited, profane and the unbeliever just seeking to know just to know.

Which i pers1b31onally believe is just.

Jazz Angel***

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