Corn Snake. (Supplied by Mwx at Wikimedia Commons; Public Domain;

Despite its cold nature, a pet snake can be a wonderful addition to any pet owner’s life. These creatures require a great deal of care and the right environment to ensure they have a happy and healthy existence. A proper terrarium or aquarium with adequate lighting and facilities are a necessity. In order to keep a pet snake, the owner needs to learn the proper handling techniques and the amount of time to spend with his or her pet each day. Dietary requirements are another major point of understanding, as different types of snakes eat different foods. Some snakes can thrive simply on insects, others need larger food such as mice, fish and even rabbits. The decision to feed them live or dead food is also one an owner needs to make.


These unique requirements are addressed in this guide to pet snakes, featuring articles that will help readers make the correct choices when considering adding a pet snake to their lives.

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