Cannon Paddles for Sale at the Best Prices! Cannon Paddles offers a large selection of kayak and canoe paddles for all types of kayaking and canoeing. Whether you ride the surf of coastal waters, paddle and tour the Great Lakes, or just fish or paddle with your kids in smooth close-to-home waters, Cannon Paddles has the perfect paddle to suit your needs. Anywhere you want to paddle, Cannon Paddles is “Your Connection to the Water.”

Cannon Cascade Kayak PaddleCannon Cascade E-Series Kayak Paddle

Cannon Cascade Aluminum Shaft Kayak Paddle

Cannon Cascade Fiberglass Shaft Kayak Paddle


Cannon Escape Kayak PaddleCannon Escape E-Series Kayak Paddle

Cannon Escape Aluminum Shaft Kayak Paddle

Cannon Escape Fiberglass Shaft Kayak Paddle


Cannon Asymmetrical Spoon Kayak PaddleCannon M1 Asymmetrical Spoon Kayak Paddle

Cannon M2 Asymmetrical Spoon Kayak Paddle



Cannon Serenity Kayak PaddleCannon Serenity E-Series Kayak Paddle

Cannon Serenity Fiberglass Shaft Kayak Paddle

Cannon Serenity Carbon Fiber Shaft Kayak Paddle


Cannon Wave Kayak PaddleCannon Wave E-Series Kayak Paddle

Cannon Wave Fiberglass Shaft Kayak Paddle

Cannon Wave Carbon Fiber Shaft Kayak Paddle


Cannon K-Series Kayak PaddleCannon K1 Youth Kayak Paddle

Cannon K2 Youth Kayak Paddle

Cannon K3 Youth Kayak Paddle

Cannon K4 Youth Kayak Paddle

For more information on Kayak and Canoe Paddles, visit The Wilderness Review.

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