Something I can remember from when I was really young is that whenever I got injured I was somewhat proud of it. Sure, it probably hurt like hell at the time. I’m sure I went crying to mommy. That’s what she was there for. But, the second dad got home the game changed.

I run up to him and show him my “battle wound” saying check this out. If somehow by getting injured and having proof made me more of a man. I have noticed this same occurrence time and time again in my childhood memories. I have also seen it happen with friends and family.

This is kind of how I view America. I wasn’t around for “December 7, 1941, a date which will live in infamy.” Hell, my dad wasn’t even around for that. But these days it’s almost like that scar I got as a child. A “badge of honor.” A painful memory, and yet, a memory that reminds us that we were hurt and we survived. Oklahoma City bombing, the first World Trade center attack, and even September 11 are all events that shook this nation to the core. However, when we start to pick up the pieces they remind us of who we are as a nation and add another “scar” to our body. I see the same thing in all the wars we as a country have fought in. That is up until the current one.

Support the war or not you should honor and support the troops fighting in it. That is the bottom line. And I foresee this war, after it is all done, will start to become another one of those scars. Painful to think about, but in the end another thing that will unite America.

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