Many families enjoy spending time together during Easter.  This is because there are a lot of enjoyable activities that families can do together at this time of the year.  Some options here include:
1.Have your children make cards for any family members or friends who live too far away to be able to visit you this Easter.  All you need to do is cut some construction paper out in the size of a card. Your child can then cut out some Easter bunnies, eggs or baby chics in different colors of construction paper or fabric in order to glue onto these cards.  On the inside of the card you can then write a simple “Happy Easter” greeting.
2.Make some Easter bunny ears to wear.  For this you will need some sturdy paper and glue.  Cut out the shape of the bunny ear and some smaller paper in the same size in either blue or pink for inside of the ears.  Glue this paper together and then make a headband to glue the ears onto so that you can wear them.
3.Get your kids together and cook some of the many easy, kid-friendly Easter recipes that are available. Your children will enjoy mixing together the ingredients, rolling the dough,or cutting out shapes with cookie cutters.
4.Dye Easter eggs together as a family.  To make this more fun, instead of purchasing a kit to use, get a recipe off of the Internet.
5.Try playing some Easter games together.  You can choose to have an Easter egg hunt in your backyard or to change some games to make them more Easter oriented.  For instance, you could play Easter BINGO.
These are some of the many things that you can do together with your family this Easter season.  Even if you only try a few of them, they will still help you to have more fun this Easter.

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