Parents whose children have special needs must take special care to get the most out of their child’s playtime.  To do this, you must stick with the following “rules:”
1.Encourage your child to do things that they enjoy so that both of you will feel good.
2.Try to introduce your child to some new things during playtime.  While your child may appear uninterested, by taking the time to try doing this you may be able to find something new that your child enjoys doing.  This will also broaden their experiences as well as what they are learning.
3.Find other parents whose children share similar interests.  While this may seem difficult to do, you may find other such children in a local disability support group.  This is because there are a lot of like-minded people in these groups.
4.Whenever you decide to go somewhere, make sure that you do so whenever there aren’t any crowds.
5.Follow your child’s lead.  This allows them to freely express themselves and vent their pent up frustration.
6.Take your time to enjoy activities with your child instead of rushing them.  This is important because whenever rushed things will go wrong.
7.Allow your child to make mistakes so that they will grow more confident in their abilities.
8.Don’t force your child to conform to society’s norms.  Instead, allow them to express themselves freely so that they will be able to grow even more comfortable with who they are.
9.Try to use your child’s interests to your advantage.  By doing so, you will find that you will actually be able to encourage your child to engage in other activities.

These things may or may not work with your child.  If you find that they don’t work, don’t force your child to do them.  Simply continue encouraging them instead.

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