While you love your pet, one thing you probably don’t love is their shedding.  After all, let’s admit it: Their trail of hair can be aggravating.  There are some things that you can use to clean this mess up with though:
1.A whisk broom works well to get pet hair off of carpet.  This is just a straw broom but it works because it creates static electricity.
2.Try wetting a pair of yellow rubber gloves and rubbing it over your upholstery.  This will also work with a wet cloth or sponge.
3.Lint brushes or adhesive rollers are simply a type of looped metal brush that uses electrostatic to pick up pet hair.
4.Magnetic brooms are brooms with a special 11×4 special sponge that works well to pick hair up. This broom is also easy to clean since all you have to do is run a dry cloth over it once you’re finished.
5.There is something called the FURemover that was created specifically for picking up pet hair. This has soft, rubber bristles that act as a magnet whenever they are picking up cat hair.  Thanks to these bristles the FURemover not only works well on pet hair but also lint, dust and dirt.
6.For particularly troublesome pet hair, you will want to try the Pet Hair Magnet.  This is a 7” squeegee that works well on blankets and in corners.
7.A good old standby is packing tape.  Simply grab enough to roll around your home and with the sticky side facing out you can gather up any pet hair that has accumulated.  You can also wrap this around an old rolling pin to use in stubborn areas.

All of these work well but the best way to control shedding is to stop it before it happens by using a looped grooming brush to groom your pet each day.

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