Whenever grooming your cat at home you must be relaxed to ensure that both of you are able to enjoy this experience. Of course, you should also begin whenever your cat is really young. Eventually this will be quite easy to do unless your cat is skittish. During grooming session, you should: 1.Brush your cat. How to do this will depend on your cat’s hair length. If your cat has short hair, you will need a rubber brush, bristle brush or a grooming glove. Use this to make short, gentle strokes. If your cat has long hair, you will need a bristle, pin or rubber brush. Use this to make long, vertical, lifting strokes. Either way, make sure that you brush your cat gently, removing any hair as you go along. 2.Wash your cat. You won’t need to do this on a regular basis but when you choose to do so, you will want to use 4 inches of water in a bathtub with luke-warm water and a gentle pet shampoo. You will want to pour some water over him, then work the shampoo into his fur before completely rinsing it all out and thoroughly drying him with a towel. 3.Trim your cat’s nails. You will need sharp pet nail clippers to do this. Hold these in 1 hand and your cat in the other. Gently press on both the top and bottom of his paw at the same time then gently cut his nails without getting too close to his pink vein. After you have completely groomed your cat, make sure that you take the time to run your hand over your cat’s entire body 1 more time. This will make sure that you have gotten all of your pet’s loose hair and give him a chance to say thank you because he’s now clean and doesn’t have to suffer from anymore hair balls.

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