Today’s children no longer play with G.I. Joe, Barbie or board games.  This is sad news for a lot of parents.  So, what are today’s children playing with?  They are playing with things that are a lot more technologically savvy.  These toys are hi-tech, interactive games that are able to provide these children with a great deal of instant gratification.

While this change in playtime may seem like a bad thing, really it isn’t because these toys have been created to help children develop their minds and sharpen their intellects while they are having fun.  With these toys, children have the opportunity to explore, talk and learn while they have fun.

Some of today’s most popular, technologically savvy games are:
1.Leapfrog.  There are many fun, educational games available with this popular learning system that turns your television into a video game console.  Herein your child can learn their colors, animals, numbers, alphabet and much more.
2.Webkinz.  This interactive toy is actually a cute stuffed animal that transports your child into a virtual world.  Herein your child can visit with friends, play fun educational games and learn how to be responsible as they take care of their virtual pet.  There are actually a lot of spin offs of this game as well.  These include Shining Stars, Ty Girls and Zoobie Pets.  You may even be surprised to know that Webkinz has become so popular that even it has created a spin off of itself, which is known as LilKinz.

Unfortunately parents are a lot slower whenever it comes to adapting to these technologically savvy toys.  However, in the end, most parents do eventually come to see the benefits of these toys because they really do help your child learn and develop.  This is why parents should not fear having these things in their home.

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