Bikram Yoga was founded by Bikram Choudhury.  He created it after studying yoga with Bishnu Ghosh, the brother of Paramahaansa Yogananada.  A Los Angeles, California company also helped Bikram Choudhury as well.

There are 26 different poses in Bikram Yoga.  Each pose is done in a sauna wherein the temperature ranges from 90 to 100 degrees Fahrenheit with 40% humidity.  This is important as it will allow you to be more flexible whenever you are performing these stances.  The sweating also helps your body detoxify, thus increasing your blood’s circulation.  Since each pose is held for several minutes, your entire body’s muscles, bones and internal organs will also benefit as well.

In a 90 minute long Bikram Yoga class you will also learn 2 different ways in which to breathe.  There is also very specific dialog used.  Nevertheless, people of all ages, body types and skill levels will benefit from this as it is still considered to be a type of “beginner’s yoga.”  In fact, Bikram Yoga has been known to improve upon the health of those who have chronic health conditions.  Bikram himself actually used this type of yoga to overcome a serious knee injury in which it was thought that he would never walk again.  Other people have lost weight and gained a more toned, stronger body after having practiced this form of yoga.

Considering all of the benefits of Bikram Yoga, it should come as no surprise that there are numerous musicians, athletes, politicians and celebrities who practice Bikram Yoga on a regular basis.  One such celebrity is Madonna.  You can see that this has provided her with a strong, toned, flexible body with young looks and lots of energy.

Today Bikram Choudhury lives in Beverly Hills, teaches at the Yoga College of India and is the self-proclaimed “Yogi to the Stars.”

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