Bikram Yoga uses 26 very specific poses that are coupled by 2 very specific breathing techniques.  Each of these poses is done in the sauna, which is important because the heat improves a person’s ability to do these poses better thus increasing comfort and decreasing injuries.  Nevertheless, like other types of yoga it is still meant to unify a person’s mind, body and spirit while increasing flexibility and strengthening the entire body.

This form of yoga has become increasingly popular because it is very beneficial to your nervous, lymphatic and endocrine systems.  You will also have your body strengthened, your muscles stretched and your joints and ligaments will receive a workout as well.  These benefits are all increased thanks to the heat of the sauna.  Herein you will also undergo the detoxification process as well.

Once you are in the sauna you will perform each pose twice, holding it for a specific amount of time each time.  Throughout this process you will stand, bend and twist.  Your blood will begin flowing more and you will start to feel a lot less stress.

Regardless as to what type of health you are in, you will still benefit from Bikram Yoga.  In fact, the symptoms of thyroid problems, arthritis and diabetes will actually decrease as you practice this form of  yoga.  The reason that you can reap such great benefits from Bikram Yoga is that Bikram Choudhury worked very closely with Tokyo University scientists to develop this form of yoga, which is meant to stimulate the glands throughout your entire body.  At the same time, these scientists also took a close look at the effect upon a person whenever they moved from one pose to the next.  Therefore, they made sure that this challenging program was able to benefit people of all skill levels.

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