You may or may not benefit from medication for anxiety and depression.  The results of such medications will depend upon what else you are willing to do while you are taking these medications.

If you are looking for short-term help, then you may benefit from these types of medications.  However, since these medications will not treat the underlying causes of these issues those who are in search of long-term answers will not benefit from such medications.  It is also important to understand that a lack of medication is not going to make you anxious or depressed.  The reason behind this is that these medications are only meant to provide some relief while a person undergoes counseling.

With the aforementioned understanding in mind, it is important to move on to understand the 2 main causes of anxiety and depression:
1.A person’s body can become imbalanced due to an improper diet and a lack of exercise. Medication will only help such a person if you are also working on these issues at the same time.
2.A person who is undergoing a lot of emotional stress can succumb to dysfunctional thinking and negative self-talk.  Medication can provide a temporary bandaid for such a person as they learn to be nicer to themselves.

If a person is able to learn to take better care of themselves then they can completely forgo taking any medication at all.  This is because medication is not something that will help you learn how to do this.  Instead, a person must simply take control of their own life.  Of course, medication can provide you with some relief as you do learn how to do this but such medication should only be used temporarily.  You should never consider it as a long-term solution to your problems.

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