In today’s economy, a lot of families cannot afford the luxury of a vacation.  However, your children can still have fun this summer.  Here are some ideas that will fit neatly into your budget and yet allow you to have fun at the same time:
1.There are lots of fun water things that you can do together as a family: run through the sprinkler, play in a plastic pool, shoot water guns or play with water balloons.
2.Use some chalk to decorate your driveway or play to play a good old-fashioned game of hopscotch.
3.Buy some tickets to a minor league baseball game or go to a high school baseball team.  You can enjoy a great sporting event for a fraction of what a major league baseball game would cost you.
4.Go camping in your living room or in your own backyard.  Here your family can enjoy time together without any distractions and without spending a lot of money.
5.Take your child to work with you for the day.
6.Spend a night together as a family having fun playing board games or watching movies.
7.Give your child butcher paper to make a sketch of themselves or smaller sheets of smaller paper to make paper airplanes.
8.Set up a lemonade stand so your child can earn a little extra money while practicing both their math and their spelling.
9.Create an elaborate treasure hunt for your child to spend several hours on.
10.When the end of the summer comes around, you should gather together your child’s friends and their parents for a BBQ.

With these ideas you and your children will be busy all summer long.  Even if you only choose to do a few of these things, your family will still have a lot of fun together this summer.

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