Self-confidence is the emotion or feeling of personal strength and security.  This gives you the will to strive for your goals.  Of course, this can also be limiting in that these actions can also keep you from being successful.  As such, it is important to have high self-confidence so that things will go right, you will be liked and you can reach your goals.

Some of the many reasons why self-confidence is important include:
1.Your body image is affected by your self-confidence.  Just look at how people move and hold their head and you will be able to tell whether or not they are self-confident.  Clearly those who hold their head high are more self-confident than those who hold their head down low.
2.Those with low self-esteem often underestimate their abilities because they are always expecting to fail.  So, if you are struggling with your self-confidence, you will find that you are not willing to work towards achieving your goals.
3.If your self-confidence drops too low, you may become depressed, indecisive and inactive.  This can lead you to become even more depressed and thus get stuck in a never ending, repeating cycle.
4.Any time that you invest in improving your self-confidence will be time well spent.  You really need to understand this because nobody always has a high level of self-confidence.  Everyone will suffer from low self-confidence at least some of the time.

As you can see, to be happy you need to be self-confident.  Your performance will never exceed your self-confidence since your view of yourself limits what you will attempt to do.  Therefore, if you want to reach your goals, look at your self-confidence.  If you find it wavering, start working to improve it.

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