There are a lot of “turnkey” web sites showing up online today.  Each of these promises that you will be able to make money quickly.  However, only the creators of such web sites are actually making money off of them.  This is because they have templates that they use in making these web sites and thus can quickly earn money from creating and selling them.

Those who purchase these web sites usually do know know that these are cookie cutter web sites, meaning that there are literally thousands of them in existence.  Each of these web sites has the same design and content.  Of course, this is not going to help your web site stand out in the crowd.  So, what will?

If you want your web site to stand out, you are going to need a good design and unique content.  Unfortunately, if you are not a writer, then this is going to be difficult to create since most of the best articles online are in article directories.  These have been copied and pasted over and over again onto numerous different web sites.  Whenever this happens, the content looses its uniqueness in the eyes of the Search Engines.  This usually leads people to try rewriting the content but this is not a good way to create unique content for your web site.

The best way to create unique content today is to hire a copywriter to create it for you.  If you choose to go this route you will want to see the person’s samples before hiring them so that you know they really can do this job for you.  Whenever you cannot view any such samples, you should seek someone who can provide you with these samples.  This is important because you are trusting tis person to help you create a web site that stands out from all of the others.

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