Many investors are starting to panic due to today’s difficult economic environment. This is because they no longer feel that they can trust the stock market. At the same time, they have no idea where to invest their money because they view the stock market as their only option. This isn’t the case though. Another safe option is to invest in gold. According to the National Bullion Investors, LLC (NBI) gold’s price will continue to rise since many investors are leaving the stock market and beginning to invest in precious metals instead. It is actually believed that by November 2009 the price of gold will be $958.60 per ounce while currently it is $902 an ounce. As you can see, there is a major increase expected. For the past 10 years Alan Greenspan has said that gold is a good investment. He has even said that while money is going to become worthless someday, gold never will. Many people are actually beginning to agree with him now. This transition has even been witnessed by Jeremy Charles has even seen many people making this transition already. While this structural change in how people are investing their money is occurring, he doesn’t believe that this will be a temporary change. He believes that it will continue even after the state of the economy improves. People must begin considering the various investments within their portfolio. They also must be open-minded about any new investments that they are thinking about making. Now is the time to diversify and start investing in gold. This will create a safety net for you. However, it doesn’t mean that you must change all of your investments over to gold all at once. Instead, you can begin by changing 10% of your investments into gold now. As you can clearly see, gold is more than jewelry. Today it is also a great way to pad your investment portfolio and increase your net worth.

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