Durabrand UC-280 Computer Speakers ReviewDurabrand UC-280 computer speakers are an affordable set of pc speakers that are silver and black in color. I go through computer speakers pretty fast, so I picked up a pair for $12 bucks at the store to see if I could get away with using them. I decided to write a review about the performance of the Durabrand UC-280 computer speakers.

For the purposes of my review, I plugged the audio and usb cables into my laptop. I started with some classical, a little Mozart. The Durabrand UC-280 speakers seemed ok at low levels, so I turned up the volume to a more appreciable level. I was actually impressed by the quality of the Durabrand UC-280 speakers while playing classical music. They hit the mids and highs very well, and the bass didn’t seem too muddled or distorted.

I decided to skip the next planned phase of my review of the Durabrand UC-280 computer speakers, which was some harder rock music. Being so impressed with the highs and mids, I opted to move directly to a bass test. I put on some hip-hop with a deep bass line. The Durabrand UC-280 speakers sounded great at low levels, so I cranked it up to about ¾ of the way. This is where the review goes sour.

The Durabrand UC-280 computer speakers can’t handle low frequencies at normal listening levels. The 2.5 inch “woofer” started crackling, wobbling, and just overall distorting the bass. I was still impressed by the highs and mids, but it’s hard to enjoy bass filled music at all on the Durabrand UC-280 speakers. In the end, I rate my review of the Durabrand UC-280 computer speakers as 4 out of 5, mostly due to the fact that they are only $12 dollars per pair.

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