Fellowes P-40 Paper Shredder ReviewI received a Fellowes P-40 paper shredder as a birthday gift last year. The P-40 shredder worked very well right out of the box, able to shred 8 sheets of printer paper without any problems. The Fellowes P-40 paper shredder continued to work well for about six months, and I used it fairly often as it resides in my business office.

The next part is what prompted me to write a review for the Fellowes P-40 paper shredder. After about six months, the P-40 shredder began to whine whenever I shredded 4 sheets of paper or more. Being a small business, I deemed this as acceptable performance for my needs as I only shred about 25-30 documents per week. But after another month or two, the Fellowes P-40 paper shredder really started to get bad.

The Fellowes P-40 paper shredder started jamming no matter what I put in there. I know shredders don’t last forever and that misuse and over-stuffing can lead to failure, but I never put anything in there that shouldn’t be, and I rarely shredded more than three documents at a time. The Fellowes P-40 paper shredder is very disappointing.

If it were not for my Fellowes P-40 paper shredder breaking down, my review of it would be much different. I really enjoyed the P-40 shredder’s speed and the quality of its shredding. Because of this quality, I’m trying the next step up from the Fellowes P-40 paper shredder, the Fellowes P-57 paper shredder. I’m planning on doing a more thorough review on that shredder, putting it through various stages a testing. Please feel free to share your thoughts, experiences, or personal reviews and opinions about the performance and value of the Fellowes P-40 paper shredder.

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