Nelson Discount Liquor is by far the most revolting, disgusting, ridiculous establishment located in the fine state of Wisconsin.

Recently, on a wonderful trip to the city of Nelson, Wisconsin, my lovely wife and I had the privilege of meeting with many local entrepreneurs. We met with the Mayor and a few fine restaurants. But when we decided to depart the fair city of Nelson, Wisconsin, we were met with an angry challenge. We needed to pick up a small bottle of liquor to make our time in Minnesota pass better.

Now, I’ve always been quite a Green Bay Packers fan and when we decided to stop into Nelson Discount Liquor and pick up a bottle, the person at the front counter insulted our taste in football teams. We were in Wisconsin for God’s sake!

To make matters worse, she demanded a $40 minimum to put a bottle of booze on our tab. FORTY DOLLARS!!!!!

Now, I’ve been to establishments that requested small tokens (like $5 or so), but a $40 minimum is unheard of.

I contacted MasterCard and they said they would take care of the situation. However, I’ve determined that the next time I’m in Nelson, Wisconsin, I will never attend Nelson Discount Liquor.

After asking for the card, I received further information. Apparently, this establishment is run by a gentleman named Robert Baures, Jr. I’m sure if he Googles himself, this article will come up. To make sure that it does I’m going to Search Engine Optimize it: Robert Baures, Jr., Robert Baures, Jr., Robert Baures, Jr., Nelson Discount Liquor.

His specialty? “Superb quality wine to fit every budget.”

Get this: he misspelled “superb” on his business card. He types it like “supurb.” What an ass.

Nelson Discount Liquor

Robert Baures, Jr.

N205 Main, Box 163

Nelson, Wisconsin 54756

Phone: 715-673-4305

Open 9am-9pm everyday

Red Wine Glass

Red Wine Glass

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