no_cellsTraffic lights, stop signs, quiet residential streets, you’ve all become way too boring for the casual automobile drivers of today. What better way to spice up the task of driving a multi-ton heap of metal, gears and breakable glass than by holding your Blackberry high and telling friends “OMG this light is taking 4 eva”? Because what good are mobile devices if you can’t offer up a play-by-play of all your left-hand turns, near misses and whether or not the new Wal-Mart’s parking lot is “like totally full” again this afternoon?

We’re talking about texting while driving, the biggest on-the-road distraction since make-up mirrors, CD players and restaurants who send employees out in huge chicken costumes. You don’t have enough going on behind the wheel when all there is to do is navigate streets, monitor other vehicles and avoid running into stationary objects. Texting is the new e-mail, and suddenly everything has to be reported to friends and family every single second of the day. Making a call with your cell phone is just so late nineties. Who’s got time to talk when you can type…sort of?

No matter how trendy any mobile device might be, this does not give license to text while driving. There were nine hundred and sixty-four automobile-related fatalities in 2004…in the state of Kentucky alone. AAA revealed that approximately 43,000 people are killed in car accidents every single year. Don’t decide to get in the car and start texting that information. Texting while driving takes focus off the road, which is the only place it needs to be when you’re behind the wheel of an incredibly heavy, extremely powerful killing machine.

Video: Texting While Driving

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