Woodford Reservce, Kentucky

Woodford Reserve, Kentucky

Hey, we can’t all afford to spend a holiday in Europe or buzz around the world in a sixty-foot yacht. But that’s okay, because your dream vacation doesn’t have to be conducted overseas. Learn about the best places for tourists in Kentucky, and learn why this famous border state just may be your dream-come-true when it comes to vacationing on a budget. Kentucky is famous for three things: the finest tobacco, the finest bourbon and the fastest racehorses you’re likely to find. If that doesn’t sound like a vacation, what does?

The fifteenth state admitted into the Union, Kentucky is the home of the famous Louisville Slugger, the most exciting two minutes in sports and even a former President…or two. This land of the Bluegrass was once the world’s major tobacco producer, and though it’s agricultural roots are more than evident in rolling fields and pastures, you’ll find that Kentucky isn’t a completely rural or in any way backward state.

If it’s history you crave, drive toward Lexington (home of the winningest college basketball program in the country, the Kentucky Wildcats) and visit gorgeous Ashland. This historic home was the residence of Henry Clay, a famous politician and one of Kentucky’s most celebrated citizens. This beautiful plantation was built in the early 1800s and served as Clay’s home until his 1852 death. Less than two hours away is Locust Grove at Louisville, a farm originally established in 1790. In addition to presidents Monroe, Jackson and Taylor, Locust Grove became a popular stopping point for many other esteemed visitors, including explorers Lewis and Clark.

Kentucky is rich not just in historic homes, but in sporting history as well. Churchill Downs is the world-famous home of the annual Kentucky Derby, an event so exciting that Hollywood’s finest and even members of European royalty (Queen Elizabeth II being one notable example) have journeyed to Louisville to watch thoroughbreds pound around the track. The Downs celebrates a full racing season, though the entire state celebrates events and parties for weeks before the Derby commences on the first Saturday in May. While you’re in town, visit the Louisville Slugger Museum, which crafts the official bat of Major League Baseball. The world’s very largest baseball bat is viewable from the street – it stands propped up against the side of the building.

cumberland_fallsIf you’d rather enjoy scenery, Kentucky has it in abundance. Simply drive out of Louisville to view some of the finest horse and tobacco farms the country has to offer, filled with rolling acres of the Bluegrass the state is known for. Kentucky is abundant in flowing creeks, beautiful lakes and extravagantly lovely farmsteads. So what are you waiting for? The best places for tourists aren’t an ocean away – they’re affordable, and they’re close by in the state of Kentucky.

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