no_smoking“Sorry, this is a non-smoking establishment.” Even in places without statewide smoking bans in public areas, this phrase has started to grow more and more common in recent years. This tide is very quickly changing as far as smoking goes, yet it wasn’t so long ago that nearly everyone was lighting up. Smoking is bad for one’s health, it puts a gray fog in the atmosphere and it creates trash…but for many addicts, it’s still oh-so-satisfying. The laws banning smoking, however, are not so appealing to those still puffing.

Public Smoking Bans: The Pros

Smoking is bad for the health, and some studies suggest that having less smoke in the air of a city can actually improve the health of residents of that city.  The Department of Public Health and the Harvard School of Public Health conducted a study that shows a noticeable decrease in heart attacks since Massachusetts implemented a public smoking ban. If a blanket ban on smoke can provide a similarly wide-spread health increase, this makes a strong case for the need to use public smoking bans.

The Cons of Public Smoking Bans

Some business owners, however, have argued that public smoking bans are detrimental to their profits. Indiana reported a nearly 30% decrease in business since the state made use of a public smoking ban. With the economy being in such a chancy condition, anything that might harm business is best avoided.

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