About two months ago, I purchased a Targus laptop cooling fan for my Dell Inspiron 6000 computer. I had used the Targus laptop cooling fan a fair amount and it seemed to do a fine job keeping my laptop cool. About halfway through my second month of ownership, the Targus laptop cooling fan started cutting in and out. Luckily, I’m very technically inclined so I was able to diagnose the problem down to the power switch on the USB power cable. I repaired the problem simply by bypassing the switch all together, thus making the Targus laptop cooling fan on all the time when plugged into the laptop computer. I had great luck with this for about two more weeks before I had any more problems.

Then it happened. The entire AC connector where the USB power cable connects to the Targus laptop cooling fan completely disassembled. After careful inspection, I saw no signs of misuse or physical damage to the Targus in any way. I know I can just solder it back together and make the connection permanent, but why should I have waste time, effort and solder on a product that is only two months old?

My overall review of the Targus laptop cooling fan is 2 THUMBS DOWN! I’ve been acquainted with several different laptop cooling fans over the course of my career; however, the Targus really takes the cake. Oh yeah, and good luck contacting their warranty department. You need half an hour just to get through the phone tree.

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