My favorite restaurant so far has got to be Vic Stewarts in Brentwood CA.  I’m not talking Brentwood Los Angeles either, I’m talking about Northern California.  Vic Stewarts is an upscale steakhouse with great dining and bar areas.  In the bar area you are graced with old school cowboy rangling pictures and bull heads.  The food has always been phenomenal everytime we go there to eat.  The only downside I would say would be the oysters.  From time to time they aren’t cracked appropriately or they come very small.  Don’t get me wrong, there are times when you get a few huge oysters that are cracked perfectly.  More times however, you will find smaller oysters with sharp broken shells pieces on the inside.  The staff always looks great and is professional.  I’ve never had a complaint about their service whatsoever.  Weekdays you can hit up the bar for happy hour which ends at 6 p.m. but then begins again at 8 p.m.  They have a full drink menu of specialty drinks that are all pretty good.  The Lobster Bisque soup is definitely something to try.  The prime rib is always cooked to perfection with your choice of scalloped or a baked potato.  I recommend the scalloped potatoes everytime.

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