banksy_graffiti_removalThe graffiti artist known as Banksy is mysterious even to those in his native England…if he actually is a native of England. Though the man himself is somewhat shrouded in mystery, his art couldn’t be more bold. He’s known both for his amazing street art and hard-to-pin-down identity. It’s hard to piece together even a brief biography of Banksy’s life, but his works of art are much easier to recognize.

Banksy Street Art

Banksy uses stenciling and a graffiti-inspired style to create his eye-catching works, which are often satirical in nature. He does not sell photos of his street graffiti, though some auctions have been conducted on-site for his amazing pieces.

He’s known as much for his art as his antics. Though somewhat anonymous, Banksy is also a master of art-related stunts. For instance, he painted “We’re bored of fish” inside the penguin enclosure at the London Zoo, and pulled a similar stunt in the elephant enclosure at the Bristol Zoo. He’s also known for hanging his own paintings inside museums, including the Metropolitan Museum of Art, London’s Tate Britain gallery and even the famous Louvre. Sometimes, the paintings are added to the museum collection, which makes a strong case for Banksy’s sheer cheek.

Banksy’s Bristol Exhibit

Perhaps taking a slight departure from his eccentric ideas regarding his own art, Banksy recently consented to display more than one hundred works at the Bristol City Museum. It is believed by many that the city is actually Banksy’s place of birth, and some have pinned his birth date down to 1974 or 1975, though it’s not clear how much of this information is actually correct.

Banksy’s display became the largest exhibit in the museum’s history, which at least proves one thing about him: he is a very prolific artist.

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