Paula Abdul Suffered Many Injuries Which Lead To Her Addiction to Painkillers

It’s no surprise that Paula Abdul is one of American Idol’s favorite judges.  She is also a singer and awesome choreographer.  Paula’s career starts back when she was a cheerleader at age 17.  This is also the very same age that she suffers her first of several more back injuries to come.  On top of all her back injuries, Paula also suffered from a broken leg during a rehearsal, a neck injury in car crash and, one of her most severe injuries occurred from her 1993 plane crash.  The plane crash resulted in partial paralysis and 15 spinal surgeries.  These horrible injuries and surgeries lead to Paula’s addition to pain medications.

Rumors continue to fly saying that Paula’s strange behavior, on Idol, is due to her heavy addiction to extremely strong pain killers.  Everybody is quick to pass judgment.  She endured one injury after another while continuing to climb the ladder to stardom.  One should consider how difficult it would be to do all the things she did to become a star while dealing with so much pain.  No easy task in deed.

Paula is aware of her addiction and she made a brave decision, on Thanksgiving 2008, to become drug free after a 12 year addiction to painkillers.  Based on some information released on April 5, 2009, Paula went through La Costa Resort and Spa to wean off of her medications.

Instead of passing judgment, let’s support her during her life long battle to maintain her new sobriety, with the hope that she will continue to be a judge on American Idol and release more dancing and singing videos.  Her latest performance on AI (May 6, 2009) was awesome.  Your fans wish you continued success in all that you do!

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