Scientists and volunteers alike have been trying to alert the public, and our government about global warming for decades.  In 1970, at a month long international conference for scientists, the scientists wanted to start a Federal Program for Climate Change Research.

The problem was the ever changing President and the administration.  Just when the scientist and the current government approved funding for the research groups, then the scientist would have to establish themselves all over again because there was a new President and administration.

Literally decades were wasted trying to convince each new administration.  Many scientists came and went, but there are 2 names that will always remain at the top of the list as major contributors which are Bob While and Harry Wexler.

As a Harvard student, Al Gore followed global warming with passion.  Once Al Gore became the Vice President of the United States, legislation and projects received funding as they should have decades ago.  There is no way to fix what we, as humans, have ruined.  We can only try to prevent the opposition from stopping further destruction and teach how to live so that we are harmonious with nature.

Once Bill Clinton became President in 1993, our new Vice President, Al Gore, and some others convinced him to approve a U.S. “Climate Change Action Plan.” The problem after that was the number of conservatives in Congress who refused to acknowledge the newly found facts and research.  Due to unwillingness of Congress the President could not make any progress very few bills relating to Climate Change were introduced during this period of time.

Additionally, we still have a fairly large population of non-believers, so it’s imperative that we teach those who do not understand climate change, and encourage those who do understand to spread the knowledge. Every community can learn about climate change from the planet Venus.

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