your_call_is_in_a_queueWith Skype software, you can literally turn your home computer into a telephone. Okay…maybe not literally, but it pretty much amounts to the exact same thing.

Skype software allows you to make voice and video calls with your Internet connection. Video conferencing, file transfer options, voice mail and even instant messaging features make this much more than a simple voice chat computer program. Skype is a fully-functional telephone service for the Internet, and it’s made to work with land lines, mobile phones and other computers.

Using Skype

Downloading the Skype software is absolutely free, and several versions exist so you should find one that works with your current OS. When you connect to others via computer, you won’t have to pay extra to make use of Skype. The software also offers free video calls, so you can see loved ones even halfway around the world.

For calls to mobile and land line phones, Skype offers two different types of payment plans. You can make use of pay as you go or monthly packages, and use your computer to call anyone. What is Skype? It turns your computer into a telephone – and so much more.

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