GoogleChromeGoogle Chrome was released in beta version in September 2008, and promptly started making headlines in the computer industry. Today, Google Chrome is the fourth most popular Web browser in the world…and those numbers are only going up. Find out why you might want to review Google Chrome for yourself.

Why Google Chrome?

The mission of Google Chrome is to provide you, the Web surfer, with a secure and speedy browser you can use to best effect while you’re scoping out online pages. Very fact JavaScript speed, user-friendly applications and the simple design have made Chrome a hit with many Internet surfers.

Google Chrome Features

Google Chrome offers a very simple layout that’s easy to use. The one-box design gives you search and surfing with quick ease.  Application shortcuts, safe browsing, quick bookmarks and other features make this browser extremely easy to use and very, very fast. You’ll also have tab-dragging, giving you the ability to arrange your Web windows however you like.

Should You Use Google Chrome?

Should you be using Google Chrome for all your Web browsing? There’s only one way to find out. This browser is free, so why not give it a try?

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