It’s hard not to get a little nostalgic for the video games of old. Remember when game controllers came with four buttons or less? When characters were two-dimensional but full of depth? …When you could actually beat video games, every once in a while? When you’re feeling a little nostalgic, old school or just like it’s time for a classic gaming experience, you might want to try Super Mario Flash.

Super Mario Flash

Super Mario Flash is by no means a graphically stunning game event, but it will bring back a few sweet memories of the original Nintendo system and the gaming hero who went on to iconic success. The boards, bullies and objectives are all hauntingly familiar though the levels themselves are brand-new creations.

In essence, Super Mario Flash is just another chapter to the Mario saga with the same friendly and angry faces you’d expect from this world of moving mushrooms.

Playing Super Mario Flash

Like most flash-based online games, Super Mario Flash is fun, free and not terribly extensive. You’ll buzz through several levels using your arrow keys for all primary functions (even jumping, and this requires good dexterity to play). You’ll have character-choosing options between the classic Mario and his longtime brother and partner Luigi. The game even allows you to go full screen for full enjoyment.

It’s not an old Mario game, but it doesn’t feel quite new either. Super Mario Flash is a fun nod to early video faming, a simple and free online game that all members of the family might enjoy.

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