Hate your job? Recent polls have proven that dissatisfaction with work is on the rise, and a large percentage of professionals hope to look for a new job when the economy improves. If you’re feeling less-than-enthusiastic about your job, you aren’t alone…but you probably already know that. You may not know what to do when you hate your job.

Do You Hate Your Job?


A lot of professionals feel a certain level of dissatisfaction with their current career, but at the same time feel trapped or locked into the path they’re on. Add an unstable economy into the mix, and it’s no wonder workers are feeling ill-at-ease about making a change. When you hate your job, of course you think about changing. When you’re unsure about the future and maybe even a little afraid, you hesitate…and you stay unhappy. But is there a way to find happiness and keep job security at the same time? Find out what you can do when you hate your job, and maybe you’ll find an answer that works for you.

Increase Job Satisfaction

Studies have shown that many service-related professions have high levels of job satisfaction. One survey shows that members of the clergy and firefighters, for example, on the whole experience high percentages of happiness at work. When you hate your job you may not necessarily be ready to switch careers to find happiness, but you can still consider statistics like these and apply it to different ideas that might help you increase job satisfaction.

  • Volunteer. Feel like you hate your job? Often, bitter feelings may surface when you’re at work because you spend long hours there. A large chunk of every day goes to the job, but perhaps your job isn’t the entire source of that discontent. Try volunteering one or two nights a week after work. When you feel more fulfilled by doing something for others, you may find that you don’t hate your job at all – you’re just feeling discontented in general.
  • Communicate. But maybe that’s not it – maybe you well and truly don’t like your job. Spend some time trying to figure out why. Separate the different elements of your work day and pinpoint what it is that makes you unhappy. Is it your co-workers, the schedule you’re forced to keep, the daily tasks you must complete? Can any of these things be changed? Communicate with your superiors and co-workers if you’re having a problem on the job. They might provide a solution you didn’t even know was possible.
  • Environment. Perhaps you actually love your career, love what you do. The tasks are interesting and challenging, there’s always plenty of work to do and you have the personal satisfaction of knowing you’re good at it. But…you still hate your job. Maybe it’s the environment. Do what you can to make your personal work space more pleasant. Don’t have a personal work space? This, too, could be the problem. Again, talk to your employer to see what can be done about the immediate location of where you work. When you have a happy, cheerful place to call your own your job may improve by leaps and bounds.
  • Make a change. If you know you absolutely hate your job inside and out – the work is boring, you can’t get along with co-workers, the commute is a nightmare, etc. – you’re going to have to think about making a change. Many professionals fear career change because they worry about a loss of benefits, and rightly so. In today’s economic climate, nothing could be so scary as a big career change. However, if you find that you hate your job and no other solution seems to do the trick then this one must also be considered. When you hate your job and cannot seem to fix the situation, then it’s time to get a new one.

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