fat_shadow_manIt may bring Norman Rockwell-like images to mind to think of young children with chubby cheeks and sweet little dimples in their elbows, but the hard fact is that the rising obesity problem in children could create serious health problems for them in adulthood. It’s important for everyone to maintain a healthy weight, but children who are learning life-lasting lessons may need the most attention. Learn how to deal with the rising obesity problem in children.

Child Obesity

Many studies in different countries show that child obesity is a rising problem in many places around the world, though the drastic rise in numbers has been highly shocking in the U.S. Child obesity is becoming a serious problem, numbers doubling from 1980 to 2000 (from 7% to more than 15%) in children aged 6 to 11. In children aged 12 to 19, the rate went from 5% to 15%. Even a shocking percentage of preschoolers – more than 10% – shows that rising child obesity is becoming a big issue.

Dangers Associated with the Rising Obesity Problem

Child obesity is a big deal because it can create problems with health and diet for life, serious issues that grow worse in time. One British report notes – very dryly – that these rising obesity problems in children are likely to lead to increased adult obesity and corresponding morbidity. Some doctors fear that children could even suffer heart attacks as a result of their weight issues.

Dealing with the Problem

So, how can parents and medical professionals deal with this rising problem in children? Some reports suggest that pediatricians and parents should take a more preventative stance, monitoring weight problems as they begin to better control rising obesity before it becomes an issue. Once children have gained too much weight, taking off the excess pounds can be a long and arduous process.

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