one_week_old_babyScientists have discovered a mutant gene in two individuals, a stunning discovery that could change the way we sleep and how many hours of shut-eye we need to receive. The amazing finding is the first time scientists have discovered a genetic mutation linked to time spent sleeping. Could this mutation be the answer to insomnia, or unlock a key that helps people require less sleep?

How Much Do You Sleep?

One very detailed survey shows that women spend an average of 27 years of their entire lives asleep, with men logging 25.5 hours (men don’t live as long) on the pillow. That’s a ton of time you could otherwise devote to working, watching TV or surfing the Internet. If you spend around 8 hours a night on sleeping, you’re missing one-third of each and every single day. How much do you sleep? What if that number could be greatly reduced?

Sleep Evolution

The new mutant gene discovered by scientists at the University of San Francisco, California provides a lot of promise. The effects of this gene – sleeping less and recovering quicker from sleep deprivation – have been reproduced in lab mice, a hopeful sign of the sleep of the future.

Could this gene lead to an answer for insomniacs, change the way we spend our nights, unlock the mysteries of the human body and it’s need for rest? Remember that genetic mutation is often the agent of evolution. Are we seeing the future of the way the human race sleeps with this new, amazing discovery?

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