writing_on_laptopA recent insurance survey suggests that the modern criminal may no longer need to leave home to case your valuables, home and vacation schedule. All they’ve got to do is read your enthusiastic comments about new purchases and holiday plans on Facebook. Could you be putting your possessions in harm’s way by enjoying social media?

The survey asked 2,092 media users questions about how they use their Facebook and Twitter accounts. Of those surveyed, 38% (or approximately 4 in 10) share details about their holiday plans; 33% offer details about weekends they’re going to spend away from home. Providing such intimate details could make them targets.

A report done by Legal & General shows that many people amass as many friends as possible on social media sites, even those they barely know. This could give thieves the information they need to make someone a “mark.” The study shows that some Facebook users provide their addresses. Include this data with holiday plans, and thieves have very little work to do.

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