freezerThere is an endless choice of meals that can be frozen. The Duggars have mastered freezing meals and it’s a good thing considering they’re preparing for baby number 19!!  The Duggars are also masters at  preparing and freezing desserts.  Taco Pie, Lasagna, or  Baked Ziti w/Sweet Sausage are a few yummy meal ideas that can be frozen. If you’re pregnant and due soon, take a day or two of preparing and cooking meals that can be frozen then easily reheated or fininshed cooking in the oven or microwave.  Chicken Taco Stew, Burritos, or Hearty Beef Vegetable Soup are healthy and easy recipes that freeze well. Be sure to check the recommended freezer-life because you don’t want all your hard work becoming freezer burnt.…/Freeze-Ahead-Meals

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