Bigfoot TrailIs Bigfoot real? The Native Americans call them Sasquatch. Bigfoot appears to be a mix of gorilla, chimpanzee, and human. Hmmm, is Bigfoot the “missing link”? Sightings of Bigfoot are as recent as last week in Kentucky (see and date back well over 400 years ago to sightings by Native Americans and the ancient First Nations peoples throughout the wilderness of North America and Canada.  Some believe Bigfoot is nothing but a hilariously conjured sci-fi creature with block-buster status. However, others have confronted the issue as a real-life scientific mystery. The Bigfoot Field Researchers Organizations takes Bigfoot, or Sasquatch, very seriously. They recently held research expeditions in August with remaining searches scheduled for September and October. You can register to participate in these research expeditions by visiting their site, listed below.  So…what do you believe? Is Bigfoot real?

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