US Open Del PotroJuan Martin Del Potro…the winner of the 2009 US Open Mens’ Finals. He is the new force to be reckoned with. Del Potro has appeared on the courts, effortlessly pushing the big leaguers around and making the earn every point. Just ten days before his 21st birthday, Del Potro stripped Roger Federer of his repeated US Open Winner title, which he’s proudly held for six years. Roger Federer, the enduring tennis machine, and Juan Del Potro played five sets which lasted 4 grueling hours and six minutes. Twice Federer lost his lead in the second and 4th sets of a match that will surely be in the history books of tennis. Just when we thought Del Potro was losing steam and showing discouragement, he fooled us all. It was the fifth set when Federer seemed to grow weary of Del Potro’s 100 miles per hour forehand and started to lose his normally steel grip on victory. Keep your eyes on the new wonder from Argentina…He’s already making history by taking out the #1 seed.

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