When he first broke out onto the ‘big time’ scene, becoming a member of the SNL cast and then his first few movies, I’ll admit, Adam Sandler was wet-your pants funny.  Who among us didn’t find his often crude jokes, low jabs, and witty remarks hilarious.  From playing a rancorously spoiled heir in Billy Madison, to the loud and obnoxious golfer in Happy Gilmore, Adam did well to keep us wanting more.  He was the hero we loved to cheer for, despite his penchant for potty jokes and lame come-ons.  He inevitably won over the hearts of the girls he was chasing, as well as those watching his movies.

Yet, it seemed Adam tried a bit too hard to break out of his obvious stereotype as only a comedic actor.  With roles in Spanglish and Reign Over Me, it appeared that he was venturing into more ‘touchy-feely’ movies.  50 First Dates was your classic romantic comedy, and though bordering on cheesy, he was able to redeem himself between scenes of more emotional moments with bouts of his characteristic humor.  Yet, as he dabbled in the transition from such stuttering characters as in The Waterboy to a father on the brink of divorce in Spanglish, it seemed something else was lost along the way.  A bit of the roaring laughter from fans was fading, and left us wondering if it could ever be regained.

Adam started to turn to the younger audience, in such films as Bedtime Stories, and he even leaped into the cartoon genre with 8 Crazy Nights.  The kids, who had no idea as to his SNL days and more wacky roles (think The Wedding Singer) accepted him fairly well, yet it was apparent that this new ‘Family Friendly’ Adam Sandler had replaced the former one.  In Click, he was now promoting the underlying message of how important one’s family is, like so many other PG and G movies invariable tout.  Sadly, it looks that the days of his crocodile hunting, slap stick wielding, and potty mouthing days are over for this reformed Adam.

Is Adam Sandler still funny?  Well, that is something you will have to decide for yourself; however, regardless his humor has definitely changed and is now peppered with more ‘dramatic’ roles.

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