When planning a wedding, it is important to find the right photography method to best capture the wedding and all of the guests who attended. There are several options available including a professional human photographer, a photo booth rental, or handing out disposables for all your guests to use up. We’ll look at the benefits of each one.

Professional Photographer – Professional wedding photographers are an excellent and traditional choice for documenting your wedding. The downside is, the photos are limited to where the photographer happens to go, and are mainly only focused on the bridal party. This is great, but you get fewer shots of the guests enjoying the celebration.

Photo Booth Rentals – Photo booth rentals are a great choice for couples who want intimate photos of their guests. Each guest can enter the photo booth at any time and take a series of four pics. The photos are then printed immediately for the guest to take as a souvenir, and a digital copy is presented to the bride and groom on a picture disc. A particularly good company is Party Booths, and you can find information about booking a photo booth rental on their website.

Disposable Cameras – This is another great way to get photos of your guests. Simply leave them on the tables at the reception hall, and your guests will fill them with all sorts of photos. The downside to this is that without a professional photographer to back it up, the emphasis quickly becomes the party and not the bride and groom.

Using any of the methods above or a combination of them will make your wedding last for years. I recommend a combination of professional wedding photographer and a photo booth rental. That way, you will receive a digital copy of each and every one of your photos for future printing and photo sharing made easy.

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