When planning your wedding in Minneapolis, MN, location is the choice that makes the most difference. Minnesota offers many unforgettable wedding sites, and each with their own charm and benefits. Many wedding locations are right in the Twin Cities metro area, offering convenience for you and your guests without sacrificing beauty. Here are two tips on how to get the most out of your Minnesota wedding experience.

1.)  Photographer – While a wedding photographer is a traditional part of every wedding to capture every detail, there are increase your guest participation in the memory making process. Having a photo booth will allow your guests to actively enhance your wedding photo album by leaving you messages through pictures. A great place for Minneapolis photo booth rentals is Party Booths. Their elegant photo booths will blend in nicely at even the most prestigious weddings, yet are priced more reasonably than other companies. Party Booths photo booth rentals are simply the best value and service for the money.

2.)  Location – No matter if your wedding needs are big or small, it’s important to choose the right venue. Minneapolis has venues to fit any wedding, from downtown locations like Pracna on Main, to a more subtle setting such as the Chateau at Medicine Lake. Regardless of you your needs, you’ll find it in the Twin Cities. For a complete list of wedding locations in the Minneapolis area, please visit the Gathering Guide.

I hope these tips are helpful to you while planning your Minneapolis wedding. I am certain that if you use these tips, you will look back on your wedding day and smile while remembering all the details that most people miss out on. The biggest key to successful planning is attention to detail. Best of luck!

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