When beginning the process of planning a wedding, it is crucial to find a type of photography that suits the occasion. It’s important to capture not only the wedding party during the ceremony, but also feature the guests and their participation in the celebration throughout the entire event. Options are available for any size or style of wedding; and we’ll take a look at what these choices have to offer.

Professional Photographer – A professional photographer might be the right fit for your wedding. The only downside is, they are very expensive for the limited amount of pictures you receive. Most of these shots will be of the ceremony, as well as the bride and groom during the reception. This limited gaze overlooks all the guests and their reactions of joy, so to truly capture the moment you really need at least two wedding photographers. This is very expensive, but well worth the money if you can afford it.

Photo Booth Rentals – A photo booth rental is an excellent decision if you want to catalog the guest at your wedding. Guests can visit the booth as many times as they wish, and the photos you get are honest and revealing. Once the curtain is closed, your guests will feel free to let out of their shell and express themselves openly. Some of the most interesting pictures I’ve seen are from a wedding photo booth rental. If you go this route, I recommend Party Booths, a nationwide photo booth rental company. They have great rates, include a professional attendant, and are available anywhere in the United States. For information about booking a photo booth rental for your wedding, please visit their website.

Disposable Cameras – Disposable cameras are a cheap and easy way to gain guest participation in the memory-making process. Usually, guests can’t wait to fill up the cameras with pictures ranging from serious to silly. Just leave a camera on each table, and instruct everyone to take photos. You can also encourage people to share the photos from their personal digital cameras after the wedding, or even throw a party for that very purpose after the honeymoon. The possibilities are endless.

So whichever direction you decide to go for wedding photography, you can see there are many options with their own benefits and drawbacks. I would suggest trying a combination of options, as too much is better than too little. However, in the end, the choice is ultimately up to you. Best of luck, and I hope your wedding goes fabulously!

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