Franklin National Bank, located in Minneapolis, Minnesota, appears to have a quality respect for its clientele. However, it has come to the attention of many users that Franklin Bank has a rather incompetent way of running its business. Franklin Bank Minneapolis has a fairly lax way of working with its customer base, providing services that do not fulfill the needs of its clients. While it promotes itself as a community-minded organization, its bankers are either inept or simply fail to follow procedures with the correct demeanor.

In the personal experience of one client, she stated that when she opened her account with Franklin National Bank in Minneapolis at the Blaisdell Avenue office, she was told to fill out a form for direct deposit. Later, when her company needed more information, she returned to the bank and another banker told her that the form did not even exist.

Another customer reports that his experience with Franklin National Bank was also horrible. He opened an account after a period of poor financial history. Everything was fine until a direct withdrawal from a company resulted in an overdraft. With no warning, his account was closed and all of his money that was to be transferred into the account ended up in limbo. It took him weeks to finally access his funds and Franklin Bank in Minneapolis made very little effort to assist him.

Whether working with the Washington Avenue office, the Blaisdell Avenue office or the Lake Street office in Minneapolis, Franklin National Bank is a rather poor choice when many other options exist. According to a number of reputable sources, other banks offer better options and better customer service than Franklin National Bank Mpls.

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