Incontinence is the last taboo subject, but is nothing to be ashamed or embarrassed about! Researchers have found that as many as 30 percent of women who run experience incontinence while running. Those figures are just based on runners – but we know that it’s not just runners who experience incontinence! Millions of men and women who exercise – from yoga, to Pilates, to spinning, to Latin Dance (Zumba is the rage right now!), weight lifting, running, power walking – experience incontinence.

Seeing that 25 million Americans (75 percent of which are women) live with it, those guesstimates may actually quite a bit higher. With statistics like these, why aren’t we talking more about incontinence? Because it’s the last taboo subject! But we shouldn’t be disconcerted about it – so lets share about it – now! Lets get serious. Urinary incontinence (UI) is particularly “normal” in women runners, as well as those ladies participating in other types of workouts, such as; dance, aerobics, Zumba etc, and those who participate in other varieties of exercise. It’s been said that one third of females have incontinence concerns as they become older, some say that guesstimate could be as high as 60 percent! So again, why aren’t we discussing about it?

Urinary incontinence (UI) is defined as an uncontrollable and unintentional loss or leakage of urine. Stress incontinence occurs when dancing (or other exercising). Stress incontinence means that that when stress is applied to the bladder, it leaks. In this case, the stress is the physical exertion of body building or exercise. While women who have experienced childbirth are more likely to declare they suffer stress incontinence, females who have never had childrenalso deal with this concern.

What can ladies do to rectify this aggravation? Well, that depends on the gravity of the incontinence. First, find some beautiful incontinence underwear. Incontinence undergarments will help you to improve the leaking predicaments until you can strengthen your pelvic floor. Tip: shop for incontinence panties that hold a minimum of 4 oz. Hunt for incontinence undergarments that have a built in leakproof barrier and odor control. Some incontinence panties can hold as much as 12 oz! Also, shop for good quality incontinenence knickers that can be washed more than 200 times.

Second – bolster your pelvic floor. Not that again! Yes – that again – kegel exercises! If you don’t know what muscles to build up (after all – when was the last time anyone showed you where your kegel muscles were? Mirror please! Um, no thanks – but thanks for sharing!). Buy book Hold it Sista by Mary O’Dwyer – the ‘down under Dr.” from “Down Under”. She has a fascinating way of explaining to you what you need to do to fortify your kegel muscles.

Third – get IncoStress. This medical device (do not let the terminology medical device shock you! IncoStress is made of medical grade silicone. It is inserted like a tampon and then held by your pelvic muscles for the course of your kegel exercises and then you can take it out). IncoStress is made by women – for women. It helps you categorize your kegal muscles and gives you something physical to hold tightly with your kegel muscles – which makes them stronger! The most convenient time to do your kegel exercies is right before you go to sleep at night, or first thing before you get out of bed in the morning. These can’t be done effectively when you’re driving your car – and to know why – you need to read Hold it Sista by Mary O’Dwyer.

Incontinence is not a normal part of getting on in years, and we don’t have to live with it. We need to become our own advocates, we need to educate ourselves and our mothers, our daugthers, our friends, about the pelvic floor. In other words, the more we know, the more we can do to help ourselves.

What about when these solutions for urinary incontinence aren’t enough. When urinary incontinence greatly impinges your life, urinary incontinence surgery may be an option.

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