Barkwheats Gluten Free Dog Treats

Give your dog some gluten free dog treats as a reward for good behavior.

If you have a dog that is gluten-intolerant or has other food or skin allergies, it is up to you as the owner to provide gluten free dog treats and foods to keep him healthy and happy.

After all, your dog does not really care what he eats or how he gets his jaws on it. Remember that time you left a juicy steak unguarded on a table or countertop? Swoop – snatch – gone!

As conscientious owners, we all want to give our fur babies a tasty treat from time to time without worrying about allergy flare-ups or digestive upsets. Try one or both these companies for high quality, gluten free treats for dogs.

In addition to avoiding trigger foods such as corn or wheat, scan the product’s ingredients listing for other harmful additives such as artificial colors or flavors or preservatives before you make your buying decision.


Barkwheats Dog Biscuits are made in the USA of wholesome, naturally ingredients grown by organic Maine farmers. Just reading the taste-tempting ingredients list will make you envy your dog…imagine juicy blueberries, sweet honey, and creamy pumpkin being blended into delightful treats that are also grain and wheat free. Buckwheat, which is one of the main ingredients, is a berry not wheat so there is little chance of it triggering an allergic response.

These gluten free dog treats are packaged in biodegradable packaging, so they are as good for the environment as they are for your pet. Choose from Blueberry-Lavender Flavor Dog Biscuits, Ginger-Parsley Flavor Dog Biscuits, Pumpkin-Sage Flavor Dog Biscuits, or Sea Vegetable-Chamomile Flavor Dog Biscuits.

There are approximately 50 biscuits in each 10-ounce box, which retails for about $11. Buy them wholesale from the manufacturer (Barkwheats Dog Biscuits), or look for them at your local Whole Foods Market. If online shopping is more your style, saving on shipping when you place a qualifying order at the Pet Food Station.

Biscuits by Lambchop

star shaped dog treats without gluten

Your dog will do tricks and beg for more Starlets treats that are gluten free.

Biscuits by Lambchop is owned and operated by Annette Frey, chief canine confectioner. She developed these tasty, healthy treats to mee the special dietary needs of her pet dog, Lambchop, who contributes to the project by acting as her official taste tester.

The resulting treats are free from gluten as well as being low in fat, sodium and phosphorus. Her pets give these gluten free treats a two paws up rating, and we bet your pets will, too. Biscuits by Lambchop are veterinarian approved by Gerald Johnson, DVM, and made from organic flour and other wholesome, nutritious ingredients.

Choppers are shaped like little chops and flavored with banana, coconut and vanilla. In addition to being gluten free, they are vegan. Starlets, which are dainty star-shaped treats, are flavored with apple, cinnamon and honey. Choose from 4, 8 or 16-ounce size bags. Prices range from about $8 to $26. Buy direct from Biscuits by Lambchop.

Whether you choose to order some or all of the tasty treats we have reviewed for you here, or you decide to be creative and make your own gluten free dog treats, your dog will most likely love whatever type of treat you offer as a snack. To make these treats even more wholesome, consider serving them with some cooked carrots or diced pieces of fruits and vegetables.

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