By utilizing a water ionizer, individuals can transform their usual tap water into water that has become electrolyzed – also identified as alkaline water. Many folks already realize that water is vital to our well being, but quite a few don’t know that typical water, even bottled water may not be the healthiest alternative.

Many people are stunned to learn that the water we routinely consume is not really all that healthful. Furthermore, many people who consume bottled water often wrongly assume that the bottled drinking water is better for them. Generally, bottled water really isn’t any better than standard tap water.

To illustrate, bottled water generally will come in plastic containers. The plastic bottles are deemed safe for use as food product packaging materials. Although considered safe, certain factors can have an affect on the plastic material. Excessive heat can cause the bottles to begin disintegrating, and consequently leaking chemicals into the bottled water.

So, what makes alkaline water created using a water ionizer much better? On the pH scale, 7.0 is considered neutral, and alkalinity increases as this range goes upwards. Water subjected to a water ionizer is more alkaline, with a pH level greater than 7.0. Our systems also have a pH level, and may be appreciably damaged by experiencing a pH level that is too acidic. Discomforts such as weariness, excess weight, digestive system problems and more may develop if the system’s pH is not well balanced. The ideal pH level for the body is a little alkaline, approximately 7.3 pH.

The best way to preserve these healthful pH levels and always keep your body at its optimum performance is by drinking water after it’s been processed with a water ionizer.

Water ionizers run using a two step process. The initial part of ionization is just a purification stage and functions similarly to the well-known Brita or Pur water filters. Typically, the filtering is carried out as a result of the use of silver activated charcoal filter, or a comparable type filter. It eliminates harmful substances in the water including chemicals, germs, pesticides, detergents and other known toxins.

The water ionizer filtration system results in the water purified with soluble minerals still unchanged. The water is still rich with antioxidants and minerals important for supporting good health.

The 2nd phase of ionization is what sets apart water ionizers from the typical water filter systems. In the 2nd step of the process, the filtered water is put through the specific ionizing process. Utilizing a process called electrolysis, the water is separated into alkaline and acid fractions. This is achieved by using two electrodes, positive and negative, that are positioned in the ionizer.

The water is passed over these electrodes that are energized with 12 to 14 volts of electrical current. As the water moves over the electrodes, the dissolved minerals in the drinking water will either be attracted to the positive electrode or the negative. There are 2 chambers in the water ionizer to hold the water. One will be filled with the acidic water, while the other holding chamber will be full of the alkaline water.
This water may subsequently be used for drinking, baking or skincare, and the acidic water can be used for cleaning or sanitizing.
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