Many people are cognizant of the advantages of ingesting alkaline water; nevertheless, a common question that arises is whether or not there are actually any alkaline water side effects?

Naturally, you ought to only think about a modification to regular diet and lifestyle if the pros outweigh the negatives, therefore it’s important to have an understanding of whether side effects take place when consuming ionized water. Following are the two most typical alkaline water unwanted effects documented, who’s more than likely to be affected and tips on how to help to avoid them.

Flu Like Symptoms

Some people report experiencing flu like symptoms while changing from daily drinking water to a regular routine of alkaline drinking water. While not damaging, these side effects can be annoying and frustrating.

According to, the reason that some users may feel a little bit unwell within the first days and weeks of ingesting alkaline water is a result of the tremendous detoxifying effect which the drinking water offers.

Since the molecules in ionized drinking water are generally more compact and more clustered compared to standard water molecules, the alkaline drinking water is more easily and immediately absorbed by our systems. This, subsequently, begins to flush the system of harmful toxins.

The strong purification started by ingesting alkaline water may, to begin with, be disruptive to your body through headaches and diarrhea. Of the alkaline drinking water side effects documented, this is among the most common ones.

Frequent Urination

Another of the unwanted effects documented by consumers is increased need to urinate. Frequent urination is nothing to become concerned about – neither is it directly attributed to the drinking of alkaline water.

Alternatively, as one begins to increase daily drinking water intake, certainly the requirement to urinate will occur with greater regularity.

The good thing is the fact that urinating is the body’s way of ridding harmful contaminants from the body. The contaminants were processed via the kidneys and then pass in urine.

Consuming more drinking water on the whole is an excellent way for you to assist your own system in removing harmful material, and swapping regular tap water with alkaline drinking water may help promote better health. While frequent urination is one of the reported ionized drinking water unwanted effects, it shouldn’t deter one from drinking ionic water.

Who Is More Than Likely to Have Alkaline Water Unwanted effects?

In general, people with illness, bad eating habits, and the elderly appear to be at the highest risk for getting alkaline drinking water unwanted effects.

It ought to be noted that, in spite of health or age, the majority of side effects reported have been temporary and only encountered when starting to drink alkaline drinking water. In most cases, ionic drinking water unwanted effects disappear inside of 2-3 weeks.

How you can Avoid Alkaline Drinking Water Unwanted Side Effects

The best way to avoid unwanted effects from alkaline water is to introduce the water to your system gradually. By slowly and gradually increasing the level and amount of ionized drinking water you drink, you’ll help to keep unwanted effects at bay as your body begins the cleansing operation.

Should you decide to use a water ionizer, such as a Jupiter Water Ionizer, for making your own ionized water, make sure you choose a system that allows several different levels of alkalinity. In this manner, you can gradually raise the alkalinity of the drinking water, as your system adjusts into it.

Alkaline Water Unwanted Effects – Water Drops

When utilizing alkaline drinking water drops to promote the alkalinity of drinking water, start with a smaller amount than the recommended drops, and start to raise how many drops, as you start to tolerate the water.

Many people will experience slight alkaline water unwanted effects. The side effects are extremely short-term and generally really mild. Gradually raising the quantity of drinking water and alkalinity amount over a period of time can help to diminish your own incident of side effects.

You should keep in mind that any kind of severe or even troubling conditions must be readily described to your doctor or a qualified medical care specialist. While alkaline drinking water side effects aren’t often harmful, you should never attempt to diagnose a health issue on your own.

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