The Doom Patrol, the misfit group of superheroes from DC Comics, has had a large number of members over the years. Robotman, however, has graced every team.

The original incarnation of the Doom Patrol was composed of three members: Robotman, Negative Man and Elasti-Girl, under the tutelage of Dr. Niles Caulder, The Chief. Over the years, with each new incarnation, subsequent members come and go. However, one principle truth remains for the team. In general, if a character joins the Doom Patrol, they will most likely die.


Robotman was race car driver Cliff Steele, whose body was destroyed in an accident on the track. His brain was salvaged and placed into a robotic body with superpowers. He has been the main character in every run of the Doom Patrol, essentially acting as the heart and soul of the different groups.

Negative Man

Negative Man was created when Larry Trainer, test pilot, flew his plane through a radioactive field. He was inhabited by a negatively-charged energy spirit. Trainer could release the spirit, which could fly and shoot energy beams. However, it left him having to wear bandages soaked in a special fluid to prevent him from exposing others to his radioactivity. Eventually, Trainer joins with another person, Dr. Eleanor Poole, and creates a hermaphroditic personality that decides to travel to new worlds.


Elasti-Girl was Olympic swimming medalist and Hollywood actress Rita Farr. While acting in a film in Africa, she was exposed to volcanic gases that gave her the ability to change her size. However, this power was uncontrollable, sometimes causing one limb to expand, ending her career in the public spotlight. She is killed in an explosion protecting a small New England fishing island.

The Chief

The Chief was a genius paraplegic who created the Doom Patrol. His intentions, though sometimes shrouded in mystery, demonstrated idealism, focusing on a way to preserve humanity and expose the population to “freaks” like himself. During a period of insanity, he attempts to destroy the world using nanobots. However, his head is cut off from his body and preserved in cryogenic status.


Celsius was the wife of Dr. Niles Caulder. Born Arani Desai in India, she married The Chief and was administered a serum that allowed her to control hot and cold. Eventually, she died preventing an alien spaceship from taking off and destroying mankind in the Arctic.


Tempest is Joshua Clay, physician connected to the underworld in New York. After serving in Vietnam, he becomes the Doom Patrol’s physician, albeit he has the power to project force blasts from his hands. He eventually dies at the hands of Caulder during a period of The Chief’s insanity.


Lodestone is Rhea Jones, daughter of an Air Force officer based in the Arctic. A dangerous accident killed her father and gifted her with powers over electromagnetic fields. The Army attempted to use her as a test subject, but Rhea left, eventually joining the Doom Patrol. After being injured in combat, she went into a coma, eventually reawakening as a The Pupa, she helped end a great war between two alien races, the Orthodoxy and the Geomancers before disappearing into space.

Crazy Jane

Crazy Jane is actually Kay Challis, a woman possessing 64 multiple personalities. Jane was molested by her father at age five, creating the personality disorder that plagues her into adulthood. After being committed to a mental institution, each one of her personalities is given super powers, prompting Robotman to draft her into the Doom Patrol.

Dorothy Spinner

Dorothy Spinner has the appearance of an ape caused by a facial deformity. Isolated from society, she develops the power to create imaginary friends, each with superpowers. She ends up killing a bully and joining the Doom Patrol, using her powers in support of the other misfits she meets, before she goes comatose and is taken off life support.

Danny the Street

Danny the Street is a sentient piece of roadway, serving as the Doom Patrol’s headquarters for a period of time. Danny can transport to any location on the planet and allows many people to inhabit him, enjoying the fun and excitement surrounding his existence. Eventually, Danny moves to an alternate universe, creating a planet based on his concept.

Other Members of the Doom Patrol

Other heroes have made brief careers within the Doom Patrol. Most notably among these is Mento, Beast Boy, Negative Woman, Karma, Scott Fischer, Flex Mentallo, The Bandage People, Coagula, Charlie the Doll, Alice Wired for Sound, The False Memory, Fast Forward, Freak, Fever, Kid Slick, Doctor Light, Elongated Man, Metamorpho, Grunt, Nudge, Vortex, Faith, Bumblebee and Vox.

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