When it comes to fishing, there are a lot of things involved. From a good fishing spot to quality fishing tackles, correct bait and lures etc; no matter if you are fishing for fun in a tournament or it is your livelihood. There are certain indispensable things that go hand in hand with fishing. And with time one realizes that these accessories are required in order for you to excel in the sport. Let us take a look at these equipments and also learn where to find the best quality stuffs.

If we are talking about fishing pliers, we have to talk about fishing pliers. These pliers do a number of basic jobs like attaching weights to your lines, cutting through wires, removing hooks to begin with. And if you have a sophisticated multi tool – even better; these serve the purpose of scissors, knife blades, bit sockets and many such functions. You can easily wear them from the belt loop or he fishing gear so that you can reach out to it in a jiffy.

Fishing gaffs and grips would rank second in my list of must have fishing accessories. This stainless steel fish grip is just 25cm in length but with 15kg inbuilt scales. It is built in a way to handle large angry species. It is also a tool that you would not find hard to store somewhere on the boat. It does not take up lot of space but will be available when needed.

This telescopic gaff is ideal for the boat or land based fishing buff. It has soft EVA grip plus lanyard, and solid rubber point cap. It is telescopic from 25 – 61cm. This aluminum made stainless steel gaff is light but durable and also a must have for every fisherman if you are looking forward to angry and large species.

You have often come across a situation when you have been struggling with a scissor to cut a braided line. Try the new 7” braid scissors with an additional hook sharpener. It comes with large comfortable handles for you to actually get your fingers into. The stainless steel blade provide sure cutting for both mono and braid lines. With this scissor, you are sure to be satisfied.

Fishing lights are another important fishing tool. It is a good idea to keep a LED flashlight in your tackle box when you are going fishing. These last longer than the conventional flash light and are capable of running longer for hours. Also a LED headlamp is also recommended. The headlamp keeps your hands free while stiil directing the light where you actually need it.

At the end of the day, choosing the right equipment for the job comes down to personal preference. But it is important to make the best choice because these tools will assist you to make the most of the sport you love dearly.

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