Decorating and barbecuing is a traditional way of celebrating the holiday. You decorate with red, white, and blue on the 4th because that’s the color of the U.S. Flag. You can decorate your home indoors and outdoors with these ideas:
Decorate your tabletop with a tablecloth, plates, cups, plastic colored silverware. Buy some balloons and ribbon and tie them up! Buy an American flag for that flag pole of yours. Add some sweetness to the table with a cake:
All-American Whipped Cake
  1. Buy a box of vanilla flavored cake mix.
  2. Bake it with the directions on the box.
  3. Take your whipped cream and blend into the top of the cake, like it were frosting.
  4. Then take your blueberries and put them in the top left corner of the cake, like the stars on the U.S. Flag.
  5. Then, take Your raspberries and put them in rows on the rest of the cake like the red stripes.
  6. Then, your have a colorful, sweet, and interesting cake for he 4th!
If you doing a normal BBQ, cook things like brats, hot dogs, burgers, maybe even chicken. And for sides something like a fruit salad, watermelon, chips and dip, beans, maybe some fries. If you’re doing a fancier get-together, spice things up with some juice steak. Have a bonfire with fireworks that wow your guests and bake some smores for a little sweet treat.
There is many more kinds of crafts, meals, and fun games you can do on the 4th! Just think! And create!

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